Are you looking to revamp your landscaping? At Oosting Construction, there are countless ways we can help you out. We build pool decks, lay out new driveways, build an outdoor fireplace, and a whole lot more. Anything you need, we’re certain we can assist!

One thing that can make a big difference for your yard’s aesthetic is a retaining wall. Learn more about these below, then count on us to get it done for you. We’re the trust team throughout Bergen County and all of its surrounding areas!

What Is A Retaining Wall & What Does It Do?Landscaping and Retaining Wall at a Residential Home

So, what exactly is a retaining wall? It’s a wall that is meant to hold back earth and soil so that you can have level ground where there was previously a slope. It can also be used for planting flower gardens and controlling erosion. When constructed correctly, it will be a beautiful addition to your home for many years.

We build retaining walls from either brick or stone, so you can decide which would work best for you, based on your current setup. It’s a big project, so you’ll want to ensure it harmonizes well with the rest of your landscaping, and it’s easy to make it a focal point if that’s the route you’d like to take.

Benefits Of A Retaining Wall

Is the slope of your yard just too steep? While big hills are great for sledding, they can be a huge hassle when it comes to gardening, mowing, and hosting outdoor events. A retaining wall evens out the landscape, so you can easily build a garden, walk around, and set up any furniture or outdoor decor.

Retaining walls are also good for preventing erosion. When heavy rains send mud and debris down the steep inclines of your yard, it can tear things up pretty badly. When installing strategically, a retaining wall will prevent this from occurring, improving the look of your outdoor space dramatically. It’s a great investment and one that we’re sure you’ll be glad you made.

Trust In Our Professional Team

Depending on a professional crew from the start is really the way to go when it comes to building a retaining wall. There are many factors to consider and because it’s a more permanent project, it would cost you a lot if you needed to reconstruct things down the line. An expert will ensure everything is placed correctly from the beginning and unit with high standards, so the unit can withstand years of wear and tear without cracking or bulging.

You’ll also want to consider the drainage areas in your yard. If the wall ends up interfering with your yard’s ability to drain out water, you’ll be left with a big mess and a whole new set of problems. Our crew knows what to look for and will set you in the right direction so that nothing interferes with the overall flow of your yard space.

There’s no better team to trust than ours here at Oosting Construction. Call or setup your appointment online today!