Window Installation & Proper Flashing

If you are embarking on a home renovation or remodel, then there is a good chance you are thinking about new windows. With nicer weather finally upon us, now is a great time to get started. There are countless options when it comes to picking out the size, shape, and style of your new windows. However, you should consider costs and benefits carefully before making your final decision.

You should also consider getting appropriate flashing materials installed along with it. Flashing is a thin, yet durable, piece of material, that is meant to provide additional protection from rain, snow, and water damage. At Oosting Construction, we are here to help you learn more about all the benefits of flashing below. 

Importance Of Flashing

masonry chimneyWhen it comes to keeping water and moisture out of your home, proper flashing installation is a must. Flashing provides an extra line of defense against water, even correctly installed siding are at a risk for moisture exposure. A major reason why homeowners need to avoid moisture in their walls is mold accumulation. Mold can easily trigger health issues, and it is especially harmful to those with asthma or weak immune systems. If water is in your wall, then it is a matter of time before mold starts to accumulate. Removal of mold can be quite time-consuming and costly.

Other issues of improper flashing can result in unsightly stains, rotting wood, and pests. All of these issues can put a strain on you and your budget. Why take any chances? Be sure your windows are properly installed from the beginning by having flashing installed. Once it is set up, you can rest easy even on the stormiest of nights knowing your windows are protected.

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Whether you are redoing your kitchen, renovating your bathroom, finishing a basement, putting on an addition, or anything else, the crew at Oosting Construction is equipped to handle it all. Rather than spending your free time reaching out to various companies, simply trust this job to us to take care of it all. Have a question or concern? Let us know, and we will resolve it. Achieving your dream living space has never been easier.

A major reason homeowners experience problems like leaky windows, water damage, and other issues are because the company they hire tend to take shortcuts. You do not have to worry about our team cutting any corners. We strive for customer satisfaction above all, which is why we put our heart and soul into every job. Ready to work with the best? Give us a call or contact us online today!

Understanding The Different Construction Barriers

Are you interested in investing in home construction services? Or maybe you are just looking into it? Either way, you will likely hear all kinds of terms referring to construction barriers. If you are a bit foggy on what exactly these are, then you are not alone. Fortunately, the pros at Oosting Construction are here to help you out every step of the way.

Learn more about it below, then feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We would be more than happy to set you up right with a space you will love for the long haul.

What Is A Construction Barrier?

A construction barrier is essentially a wall designed to keep out potentially harmful or hazardous substances. When it comes to keeping your home safer and stronger, investing in the best construction barriers is essential. This is why knowing about the types available is a must.

Air, Vapor, and Water Barriers: What Are The Differences?

A water barrier is a type of construction barrier that works to keep water away from unwanted areas. When heavy rain falls, for instance, you can experience a lot of damage to your home’s structure. It does not take long for things to start breaking down and signs of deterioration to show, and addressing the damages can take up a lot of time and money.

Water barriers keep large amounts of water away from your structure, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or damage to your foundation or landscaping. This is one investment that is well worth every penny because water damage is usually very costly.

However, when it comes to air and vapor barriers, many people have trouble distinguishing between them. These two often get lumped together, but they are quite different. Air barriers have more to do with energy efficiency. While it does help with moisture in some aspects, it is mainly meant to keep outside air out and inside air in, thus reducing energy bills and guaranteeing a more comfortable aesthetic, overall.

Vapor barriers are more about keeping excess moisture away from your structure. They do not control air flow, but they prevent moisture from building up and wreak havoc. This ensures mold and mildew not accumulate in your walls, and it keeps everything structurally sound.

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As the weather gets nicer, many homeowners get the urge for spring renovations. We get it! Start investing in a space that you love for the long haul, and don’t skimp when it comes to the look, function, and aesthetic. Invest in help from the best – Oosting Construction .

Our professional staff is part of many established organizations, all of which provide educational opportunities and training experiences. At Oosting Construction, we look forward to helping you every step of the way!

The Importance & Benefits Of Using Water Repellent Paint

Looking to add some paint to your masonry? Many feel they just can simply slap any paint on their brickwork, but this is not the recommended approach. Why? Well, because the wrong products can wind up doing a lot more harm than good. Ensuring your masonry is better protected will benefit you a lot over time.

When it comes to masonry painting, we recommend using water repellent paint for the job. Learn more about it below, then count on our team for the professional touch you need to get the job done right. We make it our goal to never let you down.

Benefits Of Using The Right Productsred painted brick wall

Now, there is no doubt that water can cause a lot of damage when it comes to your masonry’s structure. These issues can be cosmetic, coming in the form of stains and rust, or they can hurt the functionality of your system by triggering cracks, holes, and deterioration. Another issue homeowners experience is clogs, which hurts airflow, as well as mold and mildew accumulation, which can be harmful to the health of those living within the home.

This is why avoiding water damage at all costs is so important. Unfortunately, your brickwork and mortar are very absorbent and, once those spring rains start to fall, avoiding problems is hard to do.

Water repellent paint can offer some huge benefits, but it is important to invest in products that are breathable, too, so that they do not trap any moisture in. If you fear your masonry has already absorbed moisture, then you will want to ensure it has the ability to vent out anything that is stuck inside.

For this reason, we suggest trusting in a team of professionals from the very start, like the licensed and qualified crew here at Oosting Construction. We will ensure your style is represented without compromising the structural integrity of your chimney. Get the look you’ve always dreamed of by working with our techs from start to finish. We are certain you’ll love the end results!

Interested In Stain?

If paint feels too dramatic for you, why not try something lighter? A stain is a great choice because it offers a different look without affecting the texture of your brickwork. We can get started with a fresh, new look for your home. At Oosting Construction we take your concerns to heart, so you are sure to get an aesthetic you will love for years to come.

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There is no doubt that a change in color can increase the value of your home significantly. It will polish things up and create a seamless new design that attracts the eyes of many. That is, if it is done correctly. Call today for better results every single time.