Schedule Your Chimney Rebuild Before Fall

The team at Oosting Construction is known for providing all types of construction services throughout the Bergen County area. One of our specialties is fireplace and masonry construction, and we find that it is a great thing for homeowners to invest in before the fall season. If you’re considering a rebuild for your chimney and fireplace, don’t hesitate to give us a call right now.

Dangers Of A Damaged Structure

Schedule Your Chimney Rebuild Now - Bergen County NJ - Oosting ConstructionA big reason many people decide to invest in a rebuild is that they’ve faced extensive damages that can’t be addressed with repair work. If your chimney is breaking down, it’s vital to have the issues taken care of as soon as possible to avoid any risk of injury or a collapse. Along with this, using a chimney that has cracks, holes, and other damages isn’t safe at all.

This greatly increases the risk of smoke backing up into the home or carbon monoxide exposure. These are both extremely hazardous to one’s health, and carbon monoxide is especially dangerous as it is colorless, odorless, and deadly. Why take any chances? Have your new system built as soon as possible, so you can enjoy fires with peace of mind this fall and winter.

A damaged structure leads to inefficiency. We want our customers to get the most from their fireplace, which is why we strive to help your chimney and fireplace be in its top shape! Let us rebuild your chimney today, then ask us about what else we can do for your home’s functionality and appearance. Whether you need a new driveway, an outdoor kitchen, better drainage solutions, or something else, we are more than happy to help!

Warmer Weather Is Better For Masonry Work

When it comes to masonry repairs and rebuilds, we urge homeowners to get their work done in warmer weather. This type of work need to cure in a certain temperature range to produce the best results possible. If you’re looking forward to cozy fires this upcoming holiday season, then we urge you to get on the phone with our experts right away!

This also give you time to adequately seal and protect the structure to ensure water won’t seep in to break down your structure throughout the winter months. The last you need after a rebuild is water damage and deterioration, which trigger other serious structural issues. Save yourself the time, money, and hassle, and get these things repaired right now!

We’re The Team To Trust For It All

From top to bottom, we can help you with all of your home construction needs. Please call us at 201-447-0787 right away to answer your questions and assist you with all of the projects you’ve been putting off. We’re ready to help you now!

Pool Decks & Coping Accent

There are countless benefits to owning a swimming pool. Nothing beats the convenience of simply walking into your backyard to enjoy a relaxing swim with family, and it provides countless opportunities for low-key exercise. Having said that, you want your pool to be customized to your unique needs and tastes! That’s where we can help you out!

Oosting Construction provides pool decks and coping to homeowners all throughout the area, and we’d be happy to ensure you’re getting everything and more from your outdoor space this summer. Learn more below, then give us a call right away!

Customizing & Constructing Your Pool Deck

What exactly are your visions for your new pool deck? Do you want concrete or stone? Do you need a lot of extra storage space? Are you hoping to have a new kitchen or bar built in? Whatever your dreams are, we’re certain we can meet and exceed your expectations. We can add steps, levels, and dividers to create the perfect aesthetic for your backyard space.

If you already have a deck in place but are hoping to reconstruct it, we can also help with that! We’ve designed models from scratch, and we’ve also revamped pre-built decks so we can help you out no matter what your current situation or set-up is. Call us today and let us know what you’re hoping to achieve. We can’t wait to set you up right!

Benefits & Importance Of Coping

The next thing you’ll need to think about is coping. Coping is a cap for the edge of your swimming pool, and it provides a multitude of benefits for your property and family. It helps to seal the pool and it keeps water from getting behind the pool shell, which can eventually cause damage. Along with this, it will help direct the water to the drains, which is a much more desirable option.

Coping also ensures your swimming area functions as a cohesive unit that helps the entire project look complete. It greatly enhances the cosmetic appeal of your property, and the best part is you can personalize it to perfectly match your current decor.

Finally, it lowers the risk of slips and falls around the pool area. If you have guests over a lot, this is a must, especially if you tend to have young children running around! A pool can bring tons of enjoyment to your mornings, afternoons, and evenings, but only if you do all you can to avoid accidents and injuries. Have us install your coping today, so your loved ones stay as safe as possible!

Is Your Space Still Feeling Incomplete?

Between patios, walkways, outdoor fireplaces, masonry painting, outdoor lighting, and more, we can help you out with it all. Set up an appointment with our licensed and highly qualified team right away so we can get the job done before summer weather runs short. There’s no time to lose!

Masonry Coloring & Staining

Is your heart set on a certain type or style of masonry, but you can’t find it in the color you had in mind? Well, we have a solution for you – masonry coloring and staining. Get the durability you desire, while matching the color to fit your current set up and aesthetic perfectly by calling on our crew at Oosting Construction right away. We’ll set you up right this summer, so your home will be looking great for many more years to come!

Our Experts Give You Exactly What You’re Looking For

Picking a color you want to invest in for the long haul can be an intimidating step to take, but we’re here to offer guidance and reassurance every step of the way. We have decades of experience under our belt, so this process is definitely not something we’re new to. We’ll get you the exact color you’re hoping for, and we can match colors to anything you currently have, as well.

Concerned about paint coming off or peeling down the road? Don’t worry about a thing. We know how to tackle this process, and we take each step as seriously as the one before, ensuring you end results that you can live with for the long haul. When we do a job, we get it done right the first time!

Will My Masonry Be Able To Breathe?

If you’ve had work done on your masonry structures in the past, then you likely know the importance of applying products that are vapor permeable. Waterproofing products, for instance, are known for having the ability to keep out water, while allowing the structure to breathe out necessary fumes and excess moisture.

If moisture is trapped inside of your masonry, the last thing we want to do is seal it in with paint. Water damages brickwork and mortar in a hurry, breaking them down and making your structure a whole lot weaker over time. Eventually, this water can work its way out, but not if something is blocking its pathway.

That’s why we often recommend investing in our lime paints and lime washes. These allow you the look and aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of, without putting your masonry in danger of deterioration. You’ll be able to rest easier, and we know you’ll love coming home to a great-looking, strong-standing masonry structure. Let our expert crew help you out soon!

Need A Change, But Don’t Want Paint?

Paint can feel like a bit too much for some. In these cases, we can change your set-up with our staining products, ensuring an updated look without compromising the texture or physical appearance of your brickwork. This is the perfect step for many, and we have the tools and expertise to guide you every step of the way! Talk with our team today if this feels like the best option for you.

Take The Plunge Now!

If you’re unhappy with your current setup, stop putting off changes and contact us today. You deserve the best, and we’re here to deliver just that! Call Oosting Construction at (201) 447-0787 to set something up.