The Variety Of An Outdoor Living Space

Designing the ideal outdoor space is an important step in perfecting your home’s aesthetic. If you’re ready to enhance your backyard’s look and feel, the qualified staff at Oosting Construction is here to set you up right! We guarantee you won’t find products as versatile and as durable as ours anywhere else, and our staff will handle any and all of your questions and requests with respect, professionalism, and top of the line customer service. Our customers deserve the best!Outdoor Living Space Image - Bergen County NJ - Oosting Construction

Learn more about how we can upgrade your living space by checking some of our irresistible products below!

Ready To Add A Patio?

If you want a great spot outside to relax with friends and family, that doesn’t require tons of maintenance, then a patio is a perfect option for you! Unlike decks, they won’t require constant re-staining, replacing, and more. This is a sturdy and stress-free option, and you can choose from either brick, stone, or concrete when it comes to construction materials.

Finding the right fit for your home and personal tastes, will be no problem, and we’re certain you’ll be more than satisfied with the end result! Talk to our staff today, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Need A Retaining Wall Put In?

There are plenty of different reasons a homeowner may want or need to invest in a retaining wall. Some people want to flatten their landscape, while others just love the way they look. Or maybe you need to raise your patio to avoid drainage issues. No matter your reasoning, we can help you out and our expert team will offer you the advice and expertise you’re looking for, so you get exactly what you have in mind!

What About A Firepit?

A lot of homeowners nowadays are adding outdoor fireplaces or firepits to get that extra warmth necessary for cooler nights. There is no doubt that these units set the perfect mood for any occasion, and we are sure to find the perfect fit for your unique needs. They are especially ideal in the fall, when temperatures drop but you’re still craving that outdoor time! Have our team install yours right away. It’s a purchase you definitely won’t regret!

Wait – That’s Not All!

We’ve just listed a few of the many things that we can offer you. We also help with walkways, driveways, planting, pool decks, outdoor lighting, outdoor kitchens, built-in BBQs, and we can assist you with any drainage issues, too!

As you can see, there isn’t a lot we can’t do for you. And our services don’t end there! Please check out our website, then talk to our qualified staff today about your options. We are excited to serve you soon!

Make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood with a new outdoor kitchen!

Make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood with a new outdoor kitchen Image - Bergen County NJ - Oosting Custom Masonry & Chimney Service Co.Do you love spending time in your backyard and wish you could do so more often? Consider creating an outdoor kitchen! With an outdoor kitchen you can create an outdoor living space that will attract family and friends while serving as a point of envy for your neighborhood.

What constitutes an outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens range from the simple to the spectacular. They can be a grill flanked by outdoor counter space, cabinets and a small refrigerator, or they can be as opulent as a top-of-the-line indoor gourmet kitchen, with cooking ranges, pizza ovens, full-scale refrigerators and granite counter tops. They can abut your existing outdoor entertainment space or create an entirely new space in which friends and family can gather. Bar stools can be placed around your outdoor kitchen island, or seating can be placed against around an outdoor fireplace that doubles as a cooking oven and grill.

What are the benefits of an outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen extends your living space. If you love to cook and love to spend time outdoors entertaining your family and friends, an outdoor kitchen can give you endless enjoyment. If you enjoy cooking and trying new recipes and cooking techniques, an outdoor kitchen can provide you with exciting opportunities. Outdoor kitchens can be outfitted with grills, smokers, wood-fired ovens and cooking fireplaces that can allow you to experiment with a host of new foods, new cooking methods and exciting new flavors.

An outdoor living space also is a less expensive way to add square footage to your home’s living space. Many people, regardless of their climates, find that they use there outdoor kitchens year round as a way to utilize their backyards and enjoy the outdoors. An outdoor kitchen also can raise your home’s resale value. Outdoor kitchens are considered a luxury amenity that can make your home stand out against others when you are ready to sell.

How do you plan an outdoor kitchen?

The options really are endless for outdoor kitchens. They vary in size and scale: You can create an outdoor kitchen at the corner of an existing patio space, or you can create a large-scale outdoor kitchen on a brand new patio and entertaining space in your backyard. They can feature traditional grills with usable counter space, or they can feature state-of-the-art outdoor cooking appliances, wine coolers, full-scale refrigerators, outdoor fireplaces and more.

If you would like to see your options for creating an outdoor kitchen that would increase your enjoyment of your backyard and serve as the envy of your neighborhood, call the experts at Oosting Custom Masonry & Chimney Service Co. today! We can take a look at your available outdoor space, discuss your budget and come up with some design ideas for an outdoor kitchen you are sure to love! We’re locally owned & operated and proudly serve Bergen County and the surrounding areas.

Add an outdoor fireplace to your yard this summer!

Add an outdoor fireplace to your yard this summer Image - Bergen County NJ - Oosting Custom Masonry & ChimneyDo you love your outdoor space, but wish you could maximize it by creating an additional gathering space or by being able to spend more of the year outdoors? Consider adding an outdoor fireplace! You’ll realize a host of benefits.

Extend your outdoor season.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of an outdoor fireplace is that it extends your outdoor season. Instead of being driven inside by fall’s chilly nights, you will be able to gather around your outdoor fireplace. When spring’s beautiful days have you eager for outdoor entertainment, your outdoor fireplace can provide the heat you need to enjoy your patio space whenever you desire.

Create a stunning focal point.

An outdoor fireplace can add “wow” factor to any backyard. Like the fireplace within a home, an outdoor fireplace can anchor an outdoor living space. An outdoor fireplace adds a stylish element that friends and family can gather around.

Grow your living space.

When you create an outdoor space anchored by an outdoor fireplace, you essentially grow your living space. An outdoor fireplace and the surrounding area give you more area to relax, entertain and enjoy without having to expand the actual footprint of your home.

Increase your home’s value.

Indoor fireplaces have long been on home buyer’s list of must-have amenities. Large outdoor living spaces have been growing in popularity, and growing your outdoor living space with an outdoor fireplace can help you increase your home’s value. An outdoor fireplace can beautify your backyard and make your home standout when it comes time to sell.

Add an outdoor cooking space.

If you enjoy entertaining your family and friends while cooking on an open fire, an outdoor fireplace can create a unique outdoor cooking space for you! There are obvious campfire foods, such as hot dogs and marshmallows, but with a few accessories, you can use your outdoor fireplace to create entire meals in your outdoor living space.

Choose from a host of options.

If you are trying to set the right tone for your outdoor living space, an outdoor fireplace built to suit your tastes will help you meet that goal! When you design an outdoor fireplace, you have many ways to customize it to suit your needs and your style. Outdoor fireplaces can be wood-burning or gas, freestanding or built against your home’s exterior wall, constructed from a variety of rustic, modern, romantic or classic materials, and any size you want.

If you are ready to start designing your outdoor fireplace, or if you would like to hear about your outdoor fireplace options, call Oosting Custom Masonry to schedule a consultation today! If you already have a vision for your outdoor fireplace, we can bring that vision to life. Or, if you know you want an outdoor fireplace but are unsure of how you want it to look, we can show you your options and help you design your perfect outdoor fireplace.