Is your masonry structure strong and sturdy, but lacking when it comes to reflecting your personal style? Well, you are in luck! Because the team at Oosting Construction can help you resolve this issue. We can adjust the color of your brickwork without compromising the structural integrity of your system. Learn more below, then give us a call today!

Why We Don’t Suggest Do-It-Yourself

dirty stains on a fireplace A lot of people turn to store-bought paints when it comes to changing the look of their masonry. This seems like an effective solution, as it changes the color to a more desirable look while simultaneously seals up the brickwork so no moisture can get it. Unfortunately, in the long run, this does more damage than most people realize. Moisture and masonry do not mix together, and when water penetrates your absorbent brickwork, it will not be long before things start to crack and crumble. While certain paints and sealers do effectively prevent water from entering, they also block the pre-absorbed moisture from getting out. This means your bricks and mortar will continue to break down.

Only appropriate products will ensure your brickwork is adequately protected, looks great, and does not trap moisture inside your masonry chimney. If you want a breathable structure that still meets your unique design preferences, then we suggest calling our team from the start. We guarantee the results you deserve, and we won’t leave you disappointed with more work on your hands.

Lime Wash Vs. Staining

So, what is the best option for you? Well, one thing we offer is a lime wash, which is a vapor permeable paint that won’t trap moisture where it does not belong. Your structure will gain a new look that better matches your aesthetic, and it will not suffer further damage. Staining is lighter, so you won’t have to worry about the texture of your masonry looking different. Again, this is a product that is designed specifically for masonry structures, so you won’t have to worry about damage occurring down the line.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what colors, what products, and where you need to apply it. Count on the experienced and certified team at Oosting Construction from start to finish, so you’re left with everything you are hoping for and more.

Our Masonry Services Don’t End There

When it comes masonry inside and outside of your home, we strive to do it all! We never stop educating ourselves on how to offer the best services possible. We do work on fireplaces, foundations, steps, stucco, and more, so call today so we can start discussing your vision. Our team is ready and eager to discuss your plans right away!