Basement Waterproofing Management Image - Bergen County NJ - Oosting Custom MasonryOf all of the maintenance problems homeowners face, perhaps one of the most terrifying is dealing with a wet basement. Whether it’s several feet of water pooling on your basement floor during a heavy rainstorm or persistent water leaking down your basement walls, a wet basement can cause expensive damage to your home and your belongings and render your basement unusable. At Oosting Custom Masonry, we can help you address problems with water in your basement — or help you prevent water from entering your basement to begin with.

Identifying the problem

Waterproofing your basement begins with identifying the problem. When Oosting waterproofs your basement, we begin with an inspection to find how water is accessing your basement. We will look for cracks or holes in basement walls. We will look to find the source of water condensing on basement walls. We will take a walk around your home’s exterior to ensure that your rain gutters and yard grading are properly directing water away from you home, rather than allowing it to pool around your home’s foundation and find its way into your basement. Once the source of the water is found, we can present you with the best solution for waterproofing your basement.

Interior waterproofing

The simplest solutions to wet basements involve waterproofing your basement’s interior. Interior waterproofing can come in many forms. It can mean the installation of a drainage system and a sump pump for homes in which water is pooling on the basement floor. Cracks in the walls and foundation may need to be filled. Walls can be coated with a sealing agent to keep moisture out.

Exterior waterproofing

For more serious drainage and flooding problems, exterior waterproofing may be necessary. Cracks may need to be filled from the outside, or a waterproofing agent may need to be applied to the exterior of the home’s foundation. In the most extreme cases, solving the water issue in a basement may require digging around the base of your home and installing a new drainage system.

Preventative waterproofing

As with most home maintenance issues, it is best to address problems before they start. With basement waterproofing, that can mean sealing walls or installing a drainage and sump-pump system before you have a problem with flooding, condensation or dripping water. When a heavy rainstorm hits, you will be glad you took steps to protect your home and belongings from basement flooding.

Address basement water problems now!

If you notice water making its way into your basement, don’t wait to address the problem; call Oosting Custom Masonry today and let us find and address the source of your wet basement! Ignoring water leaks in your basement could lead to damage to your home’s structure or your belongings, and it prevents you from fully using and enjoying your home’s basement.