Make Coming Home More Enjoyable With A Beautiful New Driveway

A driveway can make or break a property; which does yours do? If your driveway leaves much to be desired, or you are looking to add or expand, it’s time to talk to the driveway-laying pros here at Oosting Construction, LLC.!


Concrete, Pavers, Gravel, Or Belgian Block? What Are My Options & What Do I Need To Consider?

We regularly install driveways of concrete, pavers, gravel, or Belgian block. All four options produce beautiful and durable results, but when considering having a driveway added, expanded, or redone, it’s important to think about the following:

  • How much you want to spend – How much you’d like to spend will greatly impact your material choices, so if you’re thinking of adding a driveway, you’ll want to consider this first. If you let us know your budget, we’ll be able to recommend a material that fits with your price point.
  • What you want your finished product to look like – Of course, price isn’t in the only thing that will significantly impact your material choice; material choice will also be largely determined by how you want your finished product to look. Do you want something colorful? Something smooth? Something natural-looking? Let us know how you envision your finished driveway and we’ll make a recommendation for the perfect product.
  • How much maintenance you want to have – Different driveway materials will require different levels of maintenance, so when planning your driveway, maintenance is definitely something to consider. We can help you decide which material will best serve you and meet your desired level of maintenance.
  • How it fits with the rest of your outdoor living additions and landscaping – You’ll also want to seriously consider how your driveway will clash with or complement your home and existing (or planned) landscaping and outdoor living additions. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of not considering this, which can lead to costly redos or a property that isn’t harmonious.

Call Us To Discuss Your New Driveway Project!

If you’re thinking of adding a new driveway to your home, expanding your existing driveway, completely redoing your existing driveway, or adding a decorative paver or block apron to your asphalt driveway, call on the pros at Oosting Construction! We can help you decide what type of driveway or apron will best enhance your home, and provide you with beautiful results that will last and last.

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