Let Us Build Your Custom Outdoor Fireplace Or Firepit

The fall air is settling in, the days are getting shorter, and you’re in your favorite cozy sweater. The only thing missing is a gorgeous outdoor fireplace or firepit to sit by while the moon comes up.

Don’t go another season without making your backyard a year-round paradise – have Oosting Construction, LLC. build the outdoor fireplace or firepit you’ve always wanted!

What’s So Great About Outdoor Fireplaces & Firepits?

Outdoor fireplaces and firepits have rapidly increased in popularity, and for good reason.

  • They let you take the party outdoors. Short on space? Adding an outdoor fireplace or firepit is a great, economically friendly way to expand your entertainment space.
  • They give you added warmth, light, and ambiance. As the sun sets and the nights get cooler, it can be harder to enjoy quality outdoor time. But with an outdoor fireplace or firepit, you’ll be able to enjoy warmth and light until the sun comes up again.
  • They add value to your home. More and more homeowners are shopping for homes with outdoor fireplaces or firepits, so adding one to your home can add value and curb appeal.
  • They encourage more together time outdoors. Ever wonder why you get so antsy in the winter? It’s because you’re stuck inside! But with an outdoor fireplace or firepit to keep you warm, you’ll have no shortage of quality outdoor time, no matter the season!
Brick Outdoor Fireplace - Bergen County NJ - Oosting
Brick Outdoor Fireplace - Bergen County NJ - Oosting

What About Style & Size?

The great thing about having your outdoor fireplace or firepit built by a team of expert masons is that we can customize it to meet your style preferences and aesthetic taste.Not sure what size your outdoor fireplace or firepit should be? Our masons can help you decide! Size may depend on a variety of factors, including how much of a focal point you’d like your outdoor fireplace or firepit to be, and how big your gatherings will be.

Whatever your design preferences, whatever size or type of outdoor fireplace or firepit you’d like to have, our masons can get the job done. We have built countless numbers of gorgeous outdoor fireplaces and firepits and have the skill and knowledge for the job.

Call Us To Learn More!

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our team members, please give us a call at 201-447-0787. Outdoor fireplaces and firepits are a passion of ours, and we look forward to helping you bring your vision to fruition. Click here to get started!

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