Enjoy The Outdoors With A New Patio From Oosting

Whether spring, summer, or fall, spending time outdoors seems to make the days longer and the memories fonder. But it can be hard to enjoy the outdoors if you don’t have the proper place.

Imagine all of the entertaining you could do and enjoyment you could have with a new patio. Well, with the expert team of masons at Oosting Construction, LLC., you can have the patio you’ve always wanted!

Why Choose A Patio?

Unlike decks (which often require re-staining and replacement), patios require very little to no maintenance. They are also incredibly solid and can be built either with or without steps. And if you need to raise your patio at all for drainage or other purposes, we can build a retaining wall to raise it off of the yard.

What Materials Should I Use?

Like walkways and outdoor living spaces, patios can be constructed from a variety of materials. You may opt to construct your patio from the same materials as your house (for example: a specific type of stone or brick), or you may simply choose something that complements the rest of your outdoor living area and landscaping. Here are some of the most popular patio materials:

  • Concrete – Concrete is a popular choice because it’s affordable and versatile. You may be thinking that concrete is a bland choice, but you can really do a lot to customize your patio’s look with coloring.
  • Natural Stone – Natural stone is incredibly popular because of its natural beauty and timelessness. With natural stone, you not only get incredible style, but you also get a patio that can last and last. And since there are so many colors, shapes, and types of stone, you can create a truly custom look.
  • Brick – Brick is another popular choice because of its durability and classic look. We also install brick pavers, which interlock for quick and easy installation.
Brick Patio - Bergen County NJ

Call On Oosting For All Your Patio Needs

If you’re considering having a patio built at your home, give Oosting Construction a call! We have decades of patio-building experience and can give you the patio you’ve always wanted, whether large or small.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 201-447-0787. You may also request an appointment here.

Properly built retaining walls can help improve drainage or create a lovely focal point in your yard–or both. Is this feature in your plans for an outdoor living space?

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