Complement Your Landscaping With Retaining Walls

A lot of homeowners nowadays are spending a good deal of time thinking about and designing all aspects of their property, including landscaping and outdoor living areas. One of the most popular elements of outdoor living is the retaining wall. When well-planned and properly constructed, these walls can significantly enhance the entire visual appeal of a property and last for years to come.

Things To Consider

  • Materials & Focal Points – Depending on the overall aesthetic of your home’s exterior, you may opt to use brick or stone to construct your retaining walls. In fact, retaining walls can oftentimes make a certain aspect of your home (that is similar in material or color) pop or become a new focal point. You’ll also want to consider whether or not the placement and style of your retaining wall will complement the focal point of your landscaping.
  • Overall Landscaping/Outdoor Living Goals – It may be tempting to perfect your outdoor paradise one aspect at a time, but if you do decide to build one retaining wall without planning the rest of your landscaping and outdoor living areas, you could end up shooting yourself in the foot. Without planning, you may find that the retaining wall was built in the wrong place, or that it doesn’t flow with your future plans. And if this is the case, you’ve wasted money and time on something that you’ll have to remove.
  • Draining – Before building a retaining wall, it’s an absolute must that you consider the layout of the entire property, including how drainage occurs on the property. You certainly don’t want to put all of the money and time into outdoor living additions, only to find that it interferes with drainage.

If you’re considering making over your property using landscaping and outdoor living additions, give us a call! Discussing your plans with someone who is experienced and knowledgeable will help ensure that your design is well planned and your money is well spent.

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