Do you love spending time in your backyard and wish you could do so more often? Consider creating an outdoor kitchen! With an outdoor kitchen you can create an outdoor living space that will attract family and friends while serving as a point of envy for your neighborhood.Purchasing a New Outdoor Kitchen - Bergen County NJ - Oosting

What constitutes an outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens range from the simple to the spectacular. They can be a grill flanked by outdoor counter space, cabinets and a small refrigerator, or they can be as opulent as a top-of-the-line indoor gourmet kitchen, with cooking ranges, pizza ovens, full-scale refrigerators and granite counter tops. They can abut your existing outdoor entertainment space or create an entirely new space in which friends and family can gather. Bar stools can be placed around your outdoor kitchen island, or seating can be placed against around an outdoor fireplace that doubles as a cooking oven and grill.

What are the benefits of an outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen extends your living space. If you love to cook and love to spend time outdoors entertaining your family and friends, an outdoor kitchen can give you endless enjoyment. If you enjoy cooking and trying new recipes and cooking techniques, an outdoor kitchen can provide you with exciting opportunities. Outdoor kitchens can be outfitted with grills, smokers, wood-fired ovens and cooking fireplaces that can allow you to experiment with a host of new foods, new cooking methods and exciting new flavors.

An outdoor living space also is a less expensive way to add square footage to your home’s living space. Many people, regardless of their climates, find that they use there outdoor kitchens year round as a way to utilize their backyards and enjoy the outdoors. An outdoor kitchen also can raise your home’s resale value. Outdoor kitchens are considered a luxury amenity that can make your home stand out against others when you are ready to sell.

How do you plan an outdoor kitchen?

The options really are endless for outdoor kitchens. They vary in size and scale: You can create an outdoor kitchen at the corner of an existing patio space, or you can create a large-scale outdoor kitchen on a brand new patio and entertaining space in your backyard. They can feature traditional grills with usable counter space, or they can feature state-of-the-art outdoor cooking appliances, wine coolers, full-scale refrigerators, outdoor fireplaces and more.

If you would like to see your options for creating an outdoor kitchen that would increase your enjoyment of your backyard and serve as the envy of your neighborhood, call the experts at Oosting Custom Masonry & Chimney Service Co. today! We can take a look at your available outdoor space, discuss your budget and come up with some design ideas for an outdoor kitchen you are sure to love! We’re locally owned & operated and proudly serve Bergen County and the surrounding areas.