When it comes to fixing up your masonry structures, things like repointing, leak repair, staining, and more can make a big difference in ensuring your structure looks great and stands strong for many years to come. That being said, it’s important to have a professional team of experts on the job to ensure you get the seamless and streamlined results you deserve. That’s why we urge you to trust in us for it all! Process of Mortar Matching & Analysis - Bergen County NJ - Oosting Construction

One thing we specialize in is mortar matching and analysis. This means we take careful consideration when adding new mortar to your structure, ensuring everything matches and will work well with your current setup. Learn more about this process below, then be sure to call us in for all of your masonry needs!

Maintaining The Beauty Of Your Brickwork

One reason why it’s important to invest in a professional team that takes their time matching your new mortar with the old is to ensure your property continues to look great! Masonry structures add a lot to the aesthetic appeal of a home, but only if they are properly maintained. If your mortar is older, it may take time and patience to get the new materials to perfectly match, but we won’t quit until we get it right! This ensures things don’t end up looking sloppy and unpolished.

Our team will make sure you’re coming home to a masonry structure you can take pride in. It won’t look like an obvious patchwork. Rather, you’re friends and neighbors will be amazed at how everything looks like new! We take our customers’ needs and visions seriously, so work with us to get everything you want and more for your home.

Ensuring Everything Stays Structurally Sound

Matching the new to the old is also important when it comes to keeping your structure strong. Depending on the time period, climate, and region of your existing mortar, it holds your brickwork a certain way and adding a substance that is stronger or weaker will compromise the structural integrity of your masonry.

We are very careful when matching mortar, and our crew is adequately trained in ensuring every part of your home and property stays standing tall and strong for many years to come. Let our professional team help you out as soon as possible to guarantee fewer problems in years to come. Other companies won’t offer the same care and dedication, meaning you’ll need to reinvest in expensive repair work again before you know it. Not with us! Call today for the better results you deserve.

Now Is The Time To Get Us In

The weather is still sunny and warm, so be sure to get our team on the job right away to get the higher quality results you’re hoping for. This will also ensure your home looks great for the holiday season that will be here soon! There’s no time to lose, so pick up your phone now!