One of the most dreaded parts of winter is the shoveling. Even the mildest of winters bring ample amounts of shoveling — shoveling your walkway to get to your car or to allow company to access your home, or shoveling your driveway so you can pull into and out of your garage with now problems. Fortunately, Oosting Custom Masonry & Chimney Service Co now offers new snow-melting solutions that can save you from ever having to shovel your driveway, walkways and patios again! Never shovel snow again with our snow-melting solutions Image - Bergen County NJ - Oosting Custom Masonry & Chimney

Melt away your snow with radiant heat

With our Radiant Heat Solutions, Oosting can install heating cables under any of your masonry surfaces, including patios, stairs, walkways and driveways. With radiant cables, when the snow falls, you don’t have to worry about getting up early to shovel your driveway or making it into your home after a day’s worth of snow fall. Push a button to turn on the system, and the snow will melt away. You’ll see clear, snow and ice free pathways with no physical effort on your part!

Avoid chemicals and ice

Of course, snow isn’t the only problem during cold winter months. Ice can coat your driveway, stairs, walkways and patios and become impossible to shovel or clear away. With radiant heat installed under your masonry surfaces, you’ll never have to chip away at the ice again. With Radiant Heat Solutions, you can melt away ice without the use of chemicals! Clear your driveway, patios and walkways without worrying how snow-melting chemicals will impact your pets, children and the environment.

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In New Jersey, we see an average of 30 inches of snow fall a year, and that doesn’t necessarily include major snow storms like the one that hit us this winter! Clearing away snow manually brings a host of problems. Shoveling can tax you physically or put you in danger of slipping and falling, or pulling a muscle. Snow blowers can take a lot of physical effort, and they can stall. And of course, clearing snow takes time! That means you have to get up early to clear away snow before work or stay up late to clear it when you get home. If you hire a plowing service, you have to hope that they will make it to your home quickly enough to clear your driveway before you need to get in and out.

If you’re tired of the hassle and dangers of shoveling snow and live around Bergen County, NJ, call Oosting today! We can talk to you about installing radiant heat in your new driveway, walkway or patio, and about retrofitting radiant heat into your existing masonry surfaces. If you call now, we could have your driveway, walkways and patios ready to clear away next winter’s snow and ice!