If you have masonry throughout your property, then you are well aware it can face wear and tear from time to time. Water damage, for example, is known for causing your materials to crumble and crack, and once it is absorbed into your brickwork and mortar, you’ll find yourself facing all kinds of issues.

All in all, keeping your masonry intact is vital when it comes to ensuring your home looks great. If the crumbling mortar is a problem you are currently dealing with, then you’ll want to invest in mortar analysis services from our team. We have the tools and expertise to get you where you need to be. Learn more today.

What Is It?The Process of Mortar Analysis

What is mortar analysis exactly? It’s the process of figuring out the strength, age, color, and more behind your bonding materials. All kinds of things make a difference when it comes to matching your old mortar with any new mortar we apply. Figuring out the history behind these substances is important for getting things looking and functioning just right in your home.

There is no one-style-fits-all when it comes to mortar and there has been a lot of variance over the decades, so matching things up perfectly takes know-how, time, and a lot of special care. Getting a team of educated experts on the job is vital for getting the results you deserve.

Why Is It Important?

Many wonder why this process needs to be so intricate. Is it a big deal if things aren’t exactly right? When it comes to looks, getting the colors of your mortar even slightly off can make a big difference in aesthetic appeal. Masonry throughout your home’s exterior can up the value of your home quite a bit, but not if it does not look attractive or if it is going to require a lot of work to fix up.

Along with this, mismatched mortar can affect the strength of your system. If your new mortar is a lot weaker than your old mortar or vice versa, the pressure of your system will be distributed unevenly, triggering a lot of problems down the line.

You Can Trust In Us

The team at Oosting Construction has the experience and education necessary to get this job done right. We can find the right fit for your specific needs and ensure everything looks great and functions efficiently, no matter what. If you have masonry that needs some professional care, there is no better team to trust than us!

We do more than just match up the mortar. We offer all kinds of restoration services from coloring to paint stripping to leak repair. Once we are done getting the thing back to normal, we can waterproof your masonry to ensure excess moisture can’t get in and cause even further damage. From start to finish, we have got you covered every step of the way!

Get the results you deserve. Give our team a call now.