We Can Restore Your Historic Stucco For Added Beauty & Longevity

Stucco or render/rendering — an exterior plaster finish used on masonry, wood, or metal — is a popular material and has been used to add strength, protection, and beauty to the exteriors of buildings throughout the ages. The home styles that often relied on the use of stucco or rendering include: Prairie, Art Deco, Art Moderne, Spanish Colonial, Mission, Pueblo, Mediterranean, English Cotswold Cottage, and Tudor.

Unfortunately, like any other material, stucco can take a beating from the elements over time, leading to deterioration that threatens the look and strength of the historic stucco building. When this happens, many respond by removing the stucco, which often reveals materials that weren’t intended to be visible, or repairs are made. While making repairs is the way to go, having those repairs made by someone without experience and intimate knowledge of historical stucco time periods and mixes could be a costly mistake.

You see, depending on the time period of your home, the stucco or render mixture may consist of lime, natural cement, Portland cement, gypsum, clay, or marble, and could contain a number of different binders like straw or animal hair. The mixture used truly depends on location and time period, and without proper knowledge of both, you could end up with a sub-par repair. Instead, let Oosting Construction help.

Our team understands the skill and experience involved in a stucco or render repair and recognizes that different time periods and locations relied on different mixtures. Using our knowledge and experience and considering the time period of your home and property, we’ll know just what to do and how to do it to ensure strong and beautiful stucco or render repairs. Not only will we restore and repair your historic stucco/render, but we’ll also identify what caused the damage, and make recommendations for drainage solutions and other maintenance, based on our findings and assessments.

Historic Stucco

From Small Cracks To Larger Repairs, We Do It All

Whether you have hairline cracks or larger cracks, we’ll make sure that your historic stucco structure is properly repaired. Call us today at 201-447-0787 to request an appointment to have your stucco assessed, repaired, and restored or use our online schedule request form.

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