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Not all mortar is created equal. In fact, mortar makeup and material has changed a great deal over the last several decades. What does that mean for repairs, you ask?

A good mason knows that, when making mortar repairs, it’s absolutely crucial that thought and consideration be given to the time period, region, and climate in which the original mortar was made. This will tell the mason a great deal about the mortar makeup and will help ensure that wise choices are made in regards to repair.


What’s The Big Deal About Mortar Matching?

If careful mortar analysis and mortar matching are skipped over in the repair process, the structural and aesthetic integrity of the entire building can be put at risk.

Why? Because different mortar makeups have different structural strengths and even different finished appearances. Making repairs with mortar that is stronger or weaker than the surrounding mortar can lead to weakness and unnecessary pressure for the rest of the building.

As far as appearances go, different mortar can appear different colors when all is said and done. So what should have been seamless repair work can actually end up looking like obvious patching and repair work.

But the good news is: when you hire Oosting Construction for the job, you’re getting careful, experienced, and dedicated professionals and strong, beautiful, and professional results.

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