We Repair Settling, Cracking & Leaking Masonry Fast & Professionally!

Deteriorating, settling, cracking, and leaking masonry requires careful restoration work and an extensive knowledge of the materials themselves. If the individual making repairs doesn’t understand the makeup, strengths, and vulnerabilities of the deteriorated masonry, he/she may end up doing more harm than good during the restoration and repair process. And when it comes to water problems and masonry deterioration, there’s no time to waste. That’s why it’s important to leave this precious work to the experts.

The team of masons here at Oosting Construction, LLC. has extensive experience and training and understands all of the important aspects of masonry repairs. With our team on the job, you can expect beautiful, high-quality results, with no compromise of the original materials. So whatever the cause or extent of your masonry deterioration, we can help.

We Provide Repointing Work & Crack Stitching Repair Work

Different mortar repair methods work best in different situations, but our masons have the knowledge and training to know when one repair method will work better over another. The most common types of mortar repairs are:

  • Repointing – Repointing work involves carefully removing the existing mortar in the joint with specialized tools and replacing that mortar with a new, appropriately matched and mixed mortar. With Oosting’s experts, the results are always beautiful and strong. To learn more about repointing, click here.
  • Crack Stitching – Crack stitching involves strengthening mortar joints and masonry with specialized helical bars. Like repointing, we start by removing the existing mortar, but we then insert helical bars in the joint. We then insert a specialized grout to seal and reinforce the joint. This process can work wonders for settling and cracking masonry.

And to prevent future problems from arising with your masonry and put a stop to leaks, we can professionally waterproof the masonry after repairs are made. The waterproofing products we use are designed specifically for masonry and offer protection, without altering the look or trapping moisture inside of the brick.

We Also Make Terra Cotta Repairs

Terra cotta is a popular material for architectural decorative detail, and it’s incredibly durable. But that doesn’t mean that repairs aren’t sometimes needed. The professionals here at Oosting Construction, LLC. know what products and tools to use to restore and refresh your terra cotta details.

What About Gravestone & Monument Preservation?

We also know how to properly care for, restore, and preserve gravestones and monuments. We know which cleaning materials and tools are safe for each specific type of stone or monument, and always work very carefully and respectfully to achieve quality results.

In addition to providing proper and safe gravestone and monument cleaning, our team also works to keep gravestones and monuments level and straight. Over time, gravestones and monuments can shift and begin to lean to one side. Not only does this detract from the overall appearance, but it can also put unnecessary pressure on the stone itself, and lead to cracking or other damages — but we can help.

For Questions & Appointments, Give Us A Call!

If you have any questions about our gravestone and monument preservation process or our deteriorated masonry and architectural stone repair processes, please give us a call at 201-447-0787. You can also request an appointment online – simply click here!

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