Looking for the perfect new fireplace for your home? Why not invest in a Rumford? Count Rumford created his design in the late 1700’s and they have made a recent surge back into homes all throughout the country. Wondering if it might be the right fit for you? Talk with the team here at Oosting Construction today, and we can get you set up right.

Features Of A RumfordWe Install Rumford Fireplaces

What sets a Rumford apart from other fireplaces? The straight back and rounded breast design changed the way homeowners heat their living spaces. It allows for more heat into the room, without being forced to face a lot of smoke.

They are also tall and have a wide opening, so you can heat a lot of your home quite easily. Have tall ceilings? A Rumford would be ideal! They add a classic look to any home and there is no denying their beauty. It’s an ambiance that simply cannot be beat, which is why they have been coming back in style in recent years.

A High Quality Unit

There is no doubt that these bring a lot to anyone’s living space, but can they stand the test of time? You bet. These are high quality fireplaces that are known for their efficiency. It is an alternative heat source that can be used for many, many years to come and will bring down heating bills.

Rumford fireplaces are a worthwhile investment for any home, so do not hesitate to invest in yours as soon as possible. Despite some of their designs being misinterpreted over the years, they have been making a strong comeback. Modern designers were able bring the design back to the 21st Century by mixing the original drawings with today’s style.

Why Are We The Team To Trust?

So, why trust in Oosting Construction to install your new Rumford fireplace? We are family-owned and have been in business for over 30 years! You can depend on our experience to get the results you deserve. We don’t cut corners, we are honest in all of our dealings, and we guarantee ultimate satisfaction no matter what.

At Oosting Construction, we also take part in various learning opportunities, ensuring we are well-educated in every service we offer. We are certified in Historic Preservation with the International Preservation Studies Center, and we are members of various reputable organizations, as well. If you need a dependable team on the job, then we are it!

Reach out to us today to set up your appointment. We are ready and eager to help you out! Countless enjoyable evenings are just a phone call away.